SSL Protection For Anyone Fast. Reliable.Free.

Our biggest feature

The upgrade of each technology in the SSL field can itself be complicated. We help you solve these

Free SSL certificate

Different types of free certificates. We provide 90-day single domain name, wildcard, multi-domain certificate

SSL Certificate automation

automate using ACME integrations and a fully-fledged REST API

SSL Certificate monitoring

Let you use the certificate without worry, we provide (site monitoring, certificate abuse, OCSP monitoring, private key security)

90-Day Certificates

You can get the corresponding certificate for free at freessl, and the verification time is very short, usually about 5 minutes.

One-year certificate

The 1-year certificate helps you save a lot of time, and we support different types.

Wildcard certificate

You can create a 90-day or 1-year wildcard certificate to protect more subdomains

Multi-domain certificate

A certificate protects your fixed or variable number of subdomains, reducing the installation time and cost of the certificate.


Paste the existing CSR, you can quickly configure the SSL certificate, and quickly issue it

Email verification

The easiest way is to get verified quickly through confirmation emails.

CANME verification

In your domain management, add the verification value we provided in the CNAME.

HTTP file verification

Select HTTP file verification, and then place the automatically generated lightweight text file on the server.

Third-Party ACME Integrations

We integrate and cooperate with all major ACME clients to ensure maximum compatibility among ACME users. Using a third-party ACME client to create and renew a 90-day SSL certificate is very easy and fully automated.

No cost

Don’t worry about whether you need to charge, our automation solution is provided for free

Easy-to-understand operating documentation

Our ACME document is easy to understand, even if you are using it for the first time.

Site monitoring

Continuously monitor the site, with the help of detailed analysis reports, locate problems, and provide real-time alerts for abnormal situations

Certificate abuse

Through monitoring, prevent malicious issuance of your certificate, causing serious economic losses.

OCSP monitoring

Monitoring the OCSP server of your website's certificate through the monitoring nodes distributed in various places, to avoid the situation that the OCSP service of the CA is down and the revocation status of the certificate cannot be obtained in time, which causes the users in some areas to visit the website slower or even inaccessible

Private key security

Leaking private keys will result in the disclosure of data and user privacy. Hackers can launch content spoofing, phishing attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM), etc., which will affect your organization's credibility and brand reputation. The disclosure of the private key may also cause the CA to revoke the certificate and cause business interruption.

Developers Welcome

Built with developers in mind, our SSL management platfom comes with a REST API supporting all major programming languages.